Coaches KPI's

Here is information on your weekly coaches KPI's 


Why KPI's


Session Attendance KPI

Ways to improve session attendance - Coming Soon


Weekly Trial sessions KPI

How to get trials - Click here (jimi code 5 video!)

Create your own 250 list by making a copy of this template - click here


Retention Clients KPI

How to get people back from being a retention client - Coming soon

Testimonial videos & photos 

How to get deliver great results & get testimonials 

Weekly referral KPI

Getting referrals is the lifeblood of any business that is delivering on its purpose here is how to get more referrals- Coming Soon 

Training sessions KPI

We love our space and sessions lets be a product of The Evolved 

Weekly learning KPI

Here is a list of learning resources - Coming soon

Members assigned KPI

Building better connections with more members - Coming soon