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6 week challenge limited to 12 participants next challenge starts 29th September normally $597 $97

6 week challenge limited to 12 participants next challenge starts 29th September $97


Hayley Pearce
results from week 1 to 6.

Weight: 64kg to 59.7kg
Body fat: 26% to 20/21%
Farmers carry: 104kg to 124kg
Grip strengh: 35.8kg to 38.1kg
Push ups: 10 to 13
Pull up: 0 to 1 unassisted

I've recently finished the 6 week challenge at The Evolved and have completely fallen in love with the gym. Dylan has put so much work into building a great community of strong and supportive women. The gym is perfect for those who don't like the vibe of standard gyms or have any insecurities when it comes to exercising. Classes are always fun, varied and can be tailored to any fitness level. The small group classes mean that everyone gets personal attention and coaching throughout the entire session. Dylan has a holistic approach when it comes to health. Not only does he focus on fitness and nutrition but also teaches the importance of things like sleep, hormone balance and stress management. He provides the foundation for creating and maintaining good habits. Dylan is the most involved and supportive trainer I've met and always makes himself available for anyone who has any questions or needs advice no matter the day or time. I would highly recommend The Evolved to anyone who wants to improve their health and have fun while doing it.

MIchelle Hermann

Weight down by 3.2kg (down by 6.05kg since i started 8 weeks ago)
body fat down by 11.5%

Assault bike 11cal to 15cal
Plank 49 secs to 75secs
Farmers carry 84kg to 104kg

I’ve had numerous gym memberships and personal trainers and none have compared to The Evolved. I’ve been training with Dylan now for 8 weeks and am amazed at how much I have accomplished in that short period of time. I’m healthier, I’m stronger, I have more energy and I have more endurance. I instantly felt comfortable training at The Evolved. It is a zero-judgement space and everyone is there to support and encourage each other to be the best they can. What I love about The Evolved is that it teaches you more than just the right techniques in training. Dylan regularly holds 101 classes on different topics to help you grow and strengthen from the inside out. In the 8 weeks that I’ve been with The Evolved – I’ve attended nutrition classes, supplements classes and naturopathy classes. I’m not only getting stronger, leaner and fitter – I’m becoming more confident, more happier and having more self love. Joining The Evolved has been one of the best decisions of my life and I would strongly recommend taking the leap.


You have really helped me become a stronger person both physically & mentally. I appreciate you so much Dyl. Thanks for all you’ve done!!!
I won’t let anything stop me from getting to the goals I’ve set for myself.



Female Only Gym
Training & gyms can be uncomfortable for alot of women, and it can hold alot of women back from working on themselves to become healthy and happy. We have created our female only group personal training sessions to give women a safe and comfortable environment where they can be themselves and enjoy a exercise space without the sometimes intimidating and uncomfortable environment of a big gym.
Long Term Success
In 6 weeks you can achieve amazing results, but we want to set you up for long term success. Coaching on how to form good habits, improve your eating, stick to training and how to get more confidence in yourself. By joining a group of people who have been through what you have, ready to support you and encourage you to be at your best will have you feeling amazing and wanting to make the most of your exercise and nutrition. 
Accelerating Results

With unlimited personal training sessions and constant check ins you can finally get the results you have been trying to get and you can reach them alot faster. We will show you how to make being healthy easy, and inspire you to keep those results for the long term.

Amaze everyone including yourself with how strong you can get and find out how 6 weeks can change your life the way it has changed our previous challengers. Register for our 6 week challenge and get UNLIMITED PT sessions & finally get the results you deserve!

THE EVOLVED Training System has been developed around the successful results of our members with a fun team based experience that combines the best of Personal Training with the latest in Strength Training, High Intensity Cardio, and Functional Training to create a results based system that is proven to activate lean muscle, strip fat and build a strong healthy body for our members. We have also developed and trained our coaches to help our female members with topics like, hormones, training with your cycle & how it all effects your body composition, energy & moods.

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