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Book a free Initial Assessment 
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Who will you be When You Rise?

The Evolved RISE WEEK Is A 7 Day Challenge That Will Teach You How To Overcome Any Challenge, Work Out Who You Truly Are & Create The Routines And Rituals You Need To Become The Best Version Of Yourself.

Find Out Whats Holding You Back, Build A Plan To Knock Down Those Walls & Rise As The Person You Always Knew You Could Be!

What to do next! 

Take the leap & join the challenge - Your future self is waiting on the other side of RISE WEEK!

There has been no better time than right now to work on you. We are faced with some extraordinary times some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced are happening right now. 

As individuals are world has changed for who knows how long, as a planet our world has changed for ever but as a race we are adapting, evolving & starting to unlock what really matters. 

The Evolved Rise Week has been put together to help as many people navigate these crazy times as possible & not only survive but thrive no matter what challenges are put in front of us. Invest in yourself & become the person who you know is inside of you, You deserve it, your friends & family need it & the entire world needs you and all of us at our absolute best. 
Lets light a fire in you & give birth to the best version of yourself. 

Who will you be when you rise? Join the challenge to find out! 

Join the 7 day RISE WEEK challenge!
A small $7 investment for 7 days that will change your life

Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself & join the challenge by clicking the button below.

What Does Rise Week Look Like

Rise Week is built upon 3 main pillars

1: Live Coaching sessions - Each day we will be running a live coaching session where we dive deep into topics & lessons that you need to become the best version of yourself.

  • Monday - The Fire -  When you are faced with challenges do you react or respond? Do you crash & burn or do you stay calm and look for the best tool to put that fire out? In this session we show you how to identify your own fires & help you develop the tools to Respond with logic & calm rather than Reacting with emotion & chaos.
  • Tuesday - Challenges & Limiting Beliefs - In this session we run through a live coaching session on how to identify the biggest thing holding you back & how to take back control and break down the walls to become unstoppable
  • Wednesday - Identity. - We all have an alter ego, we are our own super hero we just have to look deep enough to find this person & then give birth to it. During this session we help you identify your best self so you can become it. 
  • Thursday - Health 101 - What is health? There is so much confusion around what is healthy. In this session we give you a simple template to create a healthy fulfilled life.
  • Friday - Goals - If you don't know where you are going you cant expect to know where you will end up. In this session we teach you an easy framework to set goals & how to achieve them. 
  • Saturday - Morning, Day & Night - In this session we cover the science of habit change & how to create routines that keep you consistent which creates long term change & what the most important thing you can do with your day to live your best life.
  • Sunday - Time To Rise - This is where the magic happens. Spend 30-60 minutes one on one with your coach & build a plan to rise up & become the person the world needs you to be. Unlock, discover & grow with your coach & rise as the new you!

2: Virtual Gym & Health coaching - Our mind & our bodies are at their best when both of those two parts are running at their optimal. We Have 7 days of epic training coached virtually with our expert coaches. We make sure your technique is on point, You get an amazing workout & you build the energy you need to power your day while building your strongest & healthiest body ever. We have 12 sessions per week to choose from - Build, Sweat, Booty By Dyl,  Yoga & gymnastics with session times to suit your schedule.

3: Community - The Most important thing to us right now is helping people connect & know that you are not going through this alone. Our online community may not be able to connect in person but it has been the cornerstone of keeping our members, friends & family feeling supported, sane & growing together as a group. We welcome everyone with open arms no matter your current situation, experience or challenges. You are not alone welcome to our tribe.

Rise Week 3 Pillars

Live Coaching Sessions 

Virtual Gym & Health Coaching


Here's what our members have to say.

  • Challenge yourself to become your best self. There has never been a better time or bigger need than right now to become the best version of yourself
  • Learn all the tools you need to not only survive but thrive no matter what challenges are thrown at you. Our coaches are experts at helping you build the ultimate tool box for life. Upgrade your life & lean new ways to tackle challenges head on.
  • Be connected to one of the most supportive tribes & feel comfortable making change. That's why our members make life changing changes. They feel supported & comfortable no matter what part of their journey they are on. Most of our members start out as complete beginners with their training & get amazing results & our long term members realise that the sky is the only limit and achieve some amazing things. We are not a normal gym We Are The Evolved & we will help you pursue your own evolution.

We want you to not just survive but THRIVE its time to take control of your destiny & become the best version of yourself. Its time to RISE lets go!

This Challenge is for you if 

  • You are facing one of the most challenging times of your life
  • Want to be the strongest & healthiest version of yourself
  • You are ready to make big changes in your life
  • You need something to motivate & inspire you
  • You need something different 
  • You want to be challenged
  • You are looking to be the change you want to see in the world!

If you are any of the above then we want YOU Join - “The Evolved Rise Week” 

The Evolved Rise Week 7 day challenge

Get 7 virtual coaching sessions, Unlimited virtual gym & health coaching. Join your new tribe and take on the challenge of being your best.

  • 1
    Personal Live coaching & Virtual gym: Having a coach is amazing, we not only educate you, improve your technique, help trouble shoot & improve your strength & health. But we also support you as an individual & help you work through your own individual challenges. This is how you make progress & change faster and long lasting.
  • 2
    We want to make getting in the best shape of your life easy:  We want every person who comes through our doors (virtual or in real life) to feel like they have the tools to navigate the often confusing world of health & fitness. We have prepared what you need to eat, the training you should be doing & made this into easy to digest templates, worksheets & guides. We want you to be in the best possible physical & mental shape so you can then become an inspiration to others & make this world a better place. The side benefit of this is you will look & feel amazing!
  • 3
    7 days that will change your life: The only thing you have to lose is putting off meeting the person that is waiting inside of you to be bought out into the world. Don't hold that person back any longer. This challenge will change your life. Lets go!

Join the 7 day RISE WEEK challenge!

Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself & join the challenge by clicking the button below.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel like you have gained a huge amount in terms of personal development both physically & mentally we will happily refund your money. 

"The Evolved Is More Than A Gym"

I’m incredibly grateful for all the help I’ve received and knowledge I’ve gained since making the decision to join The Evolved. If it weren’t for the kind of culture Head Coach/Owner - Dylan has created, and the support from like minded women at the gym - I wouldn’t have the patience to implement the sustainable lifestyle changes that I’m trying to achieve. The expertise coupled with the community vibe is what makes The Evolved more than ‘just a gym’.

Natalie Easter

Super Mum & Amazing Human

"My Mindset Shifted from trying to lose weight to training for performance"

I have now been training at The Evolved for 18 months. I first started by joining a 6 week challenge with the goal of losing some weight. Fast forward to now and I can't believe how far I've come. My mindset has shifted from just wanting to lose weight to training for performance. This has been a huge shift for me and given me so much more confidence and freedom. Dylan has tailored all of my training programs to my specific goals and has helped me add over 70kgs to my powerlifting total in 12 months. I have found something I love doing and with the support of Dylan, I'm constantly pushing myself to improve. The entire gym community is as friendly and supportive as the day I started. This gym is perfect for women of all levels looking to get strong.

Hayley Pearce

Executive Assistant by day / Power Lifter by night

"'From my very first class I could tell I wasn't going back to my old gym"

I found The Evolved while scrolling instagram and came across a post about their recent 6 week challenge that had just finished up. The photos of smiling faces, friendships and happy healthy girls lifting heavy stuff looked nothing like the gyms I was use to - I decided instantly I had to be apart of it! From my very first class I could tell there was no going back to my old gym, THIS is what working out is meant to be like. No ego, no fear - just a bunch of strong amazing women empowering each other, celebrating each others wins and sharing each others wisdom and knowledge. Leading the pack is Dylan, a super amazing human that cares not just about your progress in the gym but also in your life - your rest and recovery, your nutrition and your mindset. He teaches you that health is a lifestyle, not just something that stops when you finish your workout for the day.

Pru Earl

Graphic designer / Strength & physique weapon

You can do this!

We have seen someone from every walk of life, every experience level, every lifestyle, every excuse, every reason why it shouldn't work for someone & an example of someone succeeding no matter what the challenges are they face. This is not a cookie cutter program. You will be supported, you will be shown exactly what to do, you can do this. All you need to do is take that first step & give yourself one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. You at your very best!

How Much longer are you going to hold yourself back?

This challenge is $7 because we want as many people thriving as possible right now. We have charged over $200 for something similar in the past but these are crazy times and we want to help as many people get through it in anyway we can. at the very least you will get some amazing workouts, A great nutrition plan & tasty recipes plus a heap of fun & you could potentially take part in something that completely changes your life. Who could you be if you stopped holding yourself back?

Join the 7 day RISE WEEK challenge!

Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself & join the challenge by clicking the button below.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started”