Shear Fitness 

Bringing elite fitness to the shearing industry 

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Shear Fitness is a fitness program designed for shearers by a shearer.

Shearers who have been on our program

Kelvin Walker & Coel L'hullier

Two Stand 8 hour ewe record January 2017 1068 Ewes 

Jayden Webb

Under his training I took my personal best tally  from 341 in 8 hours to 437, then 1 month later straight to 541.


Ryan Miller

3 Stand lamb record january 2017 1825 lambs

Imran Sullivan

The work done in the gym helped with my shearing numbers especially with shearing some big xbreds through Victoria..Dylan Fowlers your man, been a shearer, knows what the body goes through in doing our job.

Stacey Te Huia

Multiple world record holder,9 Hour 2 stand ewes, 9 Hour Merino Ewes, 8 hour Xbrd ewes 603, 2 stand ewes 986


if at any stage during the first two weeks you feel you are not getting any benefit from the program we will refund your money 

and just to say thanks you can still have access to our facebook group and we will continue to send you tips and tricks with our email newsletter

Shear Fitness

The fitness program made for shearers by a shearer 

Program includes 

  • Weekly Training program designed to improve your strength, Cardio fitness, and supercharge your shearing 
  • Mobility and Flexibility program to improve your posture, loosen up your tight hips and lower back while also improving your positions while shearing
  • Shear fitness Stayout program - allows you to train while you are on campout with no equipment and keep your fitness up while you are out on stayout
  • Nutrition guide which shows you step by step how to fuel  your body so you have energy all day, help you put on lean muscle to increase strength and handle big sheep plus keep you lean and mean all year round. 
  • full online support, videos of the exercises, shear fitness facebook group full of like minded shearers with tips and tricks to help your training and access to a personal trainer who will guide you through your training.

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$50/ week


My Name is Dylan Fowler I am a former shearer from New Zealand now living in Brisbane Australia working as a full time performance coach (personal trainer). I shore for five years all around NZ and Australia with my best tally being 400 lambs and 380 ewes. I competed in the shows making the Golden Shears final in the intermediate grade for the Golden Shears 50th anniversary . I always loved shearing but have also always had a passion for health and fitness and that's why I became a personal trainer. with 3 years experience as a personal trainer training people from state level athletes to your everyday desk jockey and also helping shearers prepare physically for world record attempts  I am lucky enough to combine my two passions and share my knowledge with and industry I still love.