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Feb 20
The age of the Strongwoman is here!
Last Sunday four of our very own Evolved strongwoman took on the rise of the Valkyries competition held at Valhalla strength. This competition was 5 events which consisted of testing your strength, endurance and skill.
Event 1 odd object carry – The girls had to carry a 45 kg keg and straddle a duck walk implement 20m each way this was an entertaining event to watch as the girls sprinted down the track carrying a massive keg and if you see the photo below the duck walk was very awkward.

Hayley on the 20m keg carry

Event 2 was the overhead pressing Viking press 60 seconds for max reps – The weight was 35 kg and the girls had to complete as many reps as possible on the awkward machine. Angela craft put in a massive show here as a week ealier she barely got one rep on her practice and 9 weeks before the comp her max overhead was only 30kg On comp day Angela was pumped and got 10 reps and impressed the judges along the way!

Bronte on the 35kg viking press!

Event 3 was the tire flip – Max reps flipping a 150kg tire battle to the death. Two weeks before the comp the girls were invited out to Valhalla strength to practice on the tire and they all struggled but on the day they surprised themselves especially Shannon Corbet who hit 70 reps before she finally decided to save some energy for the next event when you think about it 70 x 150kg = 10,500kg or 10 & 1/2 tonne in under 10 minutes that is a huge amount of weight shifted and is a credit to her natural fitness and competitive spirit.

Shannon on one of her 70 tire flip reps!

Event 4 was the mystery grip event – This event turned out to be a max weight lifted on a saxon bar which is a Square barbell which you have to pinch grip to lift. During the prep for this comp the girls did alot of pinch grip work and managed to get into the later rounds.

Angela with the grip of doom on the Saxon bar

Event 5 was what was causing the girls the most grief it was the deadlift medley event which consisted of 3 barbells set up at 80kg fat bar 100kg trap bar and 90kg conventional bar. Before this comp Our girls maxes were well under this and we knew it was going to take a big effort to hit these weights. All four girls gave it a huge effort with Bronte Barry hitting a 20kg pb on the trap bar Hayley Pearce hitting a new 2 rep max on the 90kg bar and Shannon repping out 9 reps @90kg and with Angela showing a huge heart and a tonne of courage but couldn’t quite get the 80kg bar considering her max before this comp was 60 kg and she improved that to 75 on her training she did incredibly well.
It was an awesome event and super inspiring to see all the other strongwoman from around Queensland with some super strong woman competing and the epic community spirit that was present during the last two events with an electric atmosphere.
Strongwoman is a growing sport in Australia and it was awesome to see our girls and all the other strongwoman out their competing.
The age of the strongwoman is here and at the evolved we are extremely excited to see our girls progress in this sport and also help other woman experience what is a truly epic sport where you get to display your hard work, strength & courage.

The Epic StrongWoman of the Valkyries comp!

Our girls trained really hard for this including 4 weeks over the holiday period where they still enjoyed the festive season but stayed on track with their training. Our main focuses were to bring up their deadlift and overhead press numbers while building some lean muscle to produce more force on comp day.
Our girls results were
Bronte – Deadlift 80kg improved to 100kg overhead press 35 to 55kg hip thrusts 80 – 100kg 6 reps
Hayley – Deadlift 90 kg – 100kg + 90kgx2 Overhead press 40 to 50kg
Angela – Deadlift 60 kg – 75kg Overhead press 30kg to 45kg
Shannon – Deadlift 110 – 115kg Overhead press 45kg to 60kg
The girls had a 9 week program which isnt alot of time to get big strength gains but they all improved a huge amount and come through adding 10-20kg to their deadlifts with no injuries and extremely well rounded across alot of exercises. It has been awesome to coach these girls at our all female gym here in west end and its exciting to see our community at The Evolved personal training growing all the time. The next stop for these girls is the national qualifier series and the Queensland tough mudder series lets go team yewwwww!

If you would like to learn how to become a StrongWoman we are running an introduction to strongwoman training on Saturday the 2nd of march @8am this is limited to 10 places register your details below and a coach will be in contact with more details.

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