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Book a free Initial Assessment 


Brisbane's best Women's only gym 

Small group & Private personal training gym 

We are Brisbane's #1 women's only gym, located in the heart of West End. We are a community of coaches who are specialists in helping women improve their overall strength, reduce body fat, improve aching bodies.

We are a coaching gym that cares about the results of their members and provide a private service to ensure our members get their best results to date!

All the while, being surrounded by a community of epic women all pursuing the same thing!



Our women train with programs built for women.  

Women have different bodies, goals & respond differently to training. Therefore, we have the best female specific program in Brisbane. 

Learn how much of a difference it makes when you train like a woman.



There is no greater feeling than the feeling of confidence and we know that most women are lacking in this department. 

 Our mission as a gym is to help women feel, strong empowered & like that can take on the world!

Strength training will show you how to believe in yourself & also give you confidence in your body beyond the mirror & scales. We actually DO NOT have a set of scales OR mirrors at our gym, to ensure women don't come to the gym and judge themselves.



Ladies, here's a little secret! You no longer have to restrict yourself & do endless amounts of cardio to get the physique you desire!  We have specially formulated our training & coaching to help you build a lean, shaped physique that is primed to burn more body fat & looking absolutely incredible. Some of the juicy benefits of our program is you will be able to eat more, stay lean & have the problem of needing to buy a whole new wardrobe to go with your new bod!



Our women tell us they have never felt better in their skin & a lot of that comes down to the environment we have built at The Evolved Personal Training! We knew women were wanting a place where they could feel encouraged, supported & safe to be themselves all while being uplifted by some epic humans. Our training, nutrition and coaching is world class but its our community that really makes our place more than a gym!

Coaching Options


  • Semi-Private Training - maximum 12 p/session
  • Training designed to improve your physique, confidence, strength & health.
  • 12 & 24 week Transformation & Strength programs.
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced trainees. 
    Everything is modified and matched to your level with no fuss.
  • Attention to detail with focus on injury prevention 
  • Female only sessions to help you feel confident while also benefiting from training designed to get the best results possible for women.

Private 1:1 Coaching

  • Do you have specific strength & physique goals or you need to perfect a certain skill? 
  • We also have packages for busy professionals who need the flexibility of a personal trainer. Let us take care of everything for you. We can organise training sessions for your schedule, build a program that fits a busy life & also find solutions including lifestyle / nutrition support so that it is all taken care of & you just show up! 
  • All PT packages include gym access, a Full custom program & progress check ins
  • Our gym has a large array of free weight and barbells, cable machines and cardio equipment.
  • Female & Male Personal trainers all based in West End 

online coaching

  • If you can't make it in to our studio, we can still get you mad results from our ONLINE ONLY coaching programs. What's include?:
  • Get a custom built training package designed specifically for your best results ever. Our coaches have results with our everyday women to Pro Figure competitors, World record Strength athletes (power lifting & weightlifting), Professional Athletes (AFLW, Rugby, Basketball) & can cater to any goal you have.
  • Personalised program to match your goals and training environment 
  • Physique transformation programs, including coaching on nutrition protocols and lifestyle habit changes 
  • Technique Video Analysis to help you learn how to execute different exercises, ensuring you're training the best you can! 
  • Suitable for athletes and our everyday day women.



Book in for an initial consult to see how we can help you reach your goals!


We are a coaching service gym, and not your run of the mill class gym. As each woman we meet is different, has different goals, lifestyle, background and abilities, we like to know you first before we give you get you to jump into anything. We treat each woman like the individual they are, to get the best results possible for them!


Fundamentals package 

To get the best possible results, we have each woman progress through our 28 Day Fast Track Fundamental Pack.

This program includes:

  • Structured and beginner friendly on-boarding process to ensure you’re competent and confident in all of the movements results. 
  • 4 x 30 min 1:1 coaching session to introduce you into the gym and the movements.
  • Unlimited Classes and optional PT sessions
  • Expert coaches with years of experience of train women
  • Daily programming and performance tracking app
  • Individualised nutrition targets to help you transform your physique
  • Free access to our online courses and resources

12 & 24 WEEK Evolution Programs


If you truly want to make some longer lasting changes in your life, then our 12 & 24 Evolution Programs are your best option. 

These programs, designed specifically for you, will get you strongerleaner, fitter & feeling more confident about yourself for, not just for 6 months but for YEARS! 

To make lasting change, you need to commit to a program for at least 24 weeks! 

Hundreds of other women who have come through our gym get the best results of your life with these programs.

not getting the results you're seeking?

Most gym programs are not designed for women!

They don't take into account the unique anatomy, physiology & psychology of a woman, no wonder women struggle to make long term progress with training its all designed & tested on young athletic men!

But we have proven that with a program designed for women, the results can be incredible and life changing!


We help you in the following ways

We get you strong, Healthy & Confident!

We do this by teaching you the training & nutrition that not only works, but how it works! This is how you make long term progress (Most of our women continuously make progress for years!) finally break free of yo-yo dieting & make health a part of who you are!

What our Members say

Before joining this community, I was unmotivated, inconsistent and conscious of myself at the gym. As each session is personal and private, it allows me to work at my own pace and fitness level. The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive and they take the time to teach exercises, correct form and injury prevention. For me, they recognise my potential and push me every day to achieve my best and I absolutely LOVE that.

The evolved coaches have created a community of women who are strong, supportive and encouraging of one another. They push me when I give up and they become my cheerleaders. Now, I look forward to coming to the gym consistently and have rediscovered my confidence in myself – Also, I feel stronger physically and mentally


Recent 12 Week Challenger

"The Evolved is such a fantastic gym! No matter what your goals are, the awesome trainers at the Evolved will help you to reach them. I've learnt a lot about fitness and strength, as well as how to sustain a balanced lifestyle outside of the gym. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good place to train!"


3 + years at the Evolved and Powerlifter

"The Evolved has been amazing in supporting improvements to my body composition. Since joining I have lost 8Kg in weight and feel stronger and fitter. This improvement has helped to optimise my work and homelife."


Nurse and dog lover

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7 Paris St, West End