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How to measure progress outside the scales

Sep 24

Most people will start a new training program to change their bodies. Whether it be losing weight, they are toning up, improving how their clothes fit, etc.
These are great goals which most newbies or people who haven’t achieved the result they want are the results of improvements in the gym, like getting stronger, improving their knowledge of nutrition, Zen practices and being consistent. It’s a hard thing to swallow, but progress has nothing to do with the number shown on the scales or your clothes, but when you shift your focus, you will get to your goals even faster.
We have been an all-female gym here in West End for over two years now, and we have seen a lot of women get upset when the scale doesn’t give them a result they are expecting from all their hard work.
There are a few problems with judging your progress inside the gym by the number on the scales.

Number 1: Your body weight can fluctuate day to day by how much water you drink, if you ate before, the time of the month your lean body mass and sometimes the scales are not that accurate.

Number 2: Gaining muscle and reducing body fat go hand in hand. Sometimes the number on the scale doesn’t change, but your body has changed a lot. You may weigh 60kg @30% body fat when you start training and four weeks later still weigh 60kg but be 25% body fat. This is a great result and shows you’re creating a stronger, fitter, and more energetic body that is great at burning fat even though the number on the scales hasn’t changed.

So because the scales can often be miss leading, upsetting and can sometimes kill your motivation in the gym for all the wrong reasons are they something you want to focus on?

Here are five ways you can measure progress outside of the scales.
Number 1: Focus on how much weight you have gained – On the bar! Strength training progress is one of the most rewarding things you can get. Pbs and wins with your lifting can be highly motivating, and as you get stronger, your body will require more energy to complete your lifts, helping you with achieving your body composition goals. Track your training every session and aim to make little progress each week.

Number 2: How many days have you consistently defeated the couch or bed monster that keeps you from making progress in the gym? Some days we don’t want to get out of the comfort of our bed. We sit down and lounge around after work and before you know it you have missed your training session! There is an old saying “The only workout you regret is the one you don’t do” Stand in front of this monster, kick its butt and beat it everyday stacking up as many days in a row where you defeat the urge to stay at home and instead get to the gym. Nothing beats consistency, and if you conquer that couch or bed monster more times than you let it win, you will be consistently moving in the right direction.

Number 3: Making small improvements in your eating habits. You don’t need to throw out all your chocolate, ice creams and other indulgent foods to make progress in the gym, its just a matter of slowly but surely making small improvements and being mindful of your choices. Each time you decide to make a home-cooked meal rather than uber eats pat yourself on the back, this is a win for your health & your progress towards your goals.

Number 4: Committing to and completing a 30-day level up challenge. The Evolved personal training is going to help 1000 women level up their Strength, health, and lives. We have put together a set of small 30 day challenges that incorporate all areas of health. These include a 30-day meditation challenge, 30 days of sticking to your meal plan challenge, 30 days of defeating the couch monster challenge and a challenge for every area of health that is a challenge for you to overcome what is standing in the way of you reaching your goals. Pick a 30-day challenge and give yourself a massive high five every day you complete your daily challenge.

Number 5: How do you feel from day to day. The gym, training, nutrition, and restoration practices are all about helping improve your body and mind so you can be at your very best in your day to day life. Take 5 minutes daily to check in with yourself and ask yourself am I feeling good, how is my energy is it better than it was, how is my self-image is it better than it was, how is my consistency, is it better than it was. Being aware of how you feel inside and out is a great way to measure progress outside of the scales. Give yourself some love; there is so much more to life than valuing self-worth by the number on the scales.

Measuring your progress in the gym is a great way to keep yourself motivated. We have helped 100s of women achieve the body of their dreams without focusing on the scales and shifting their focus to performance and doing the little things on the daily.

We have put together a guide book for our members so that they can continuously check-in and see where they are at on their journey and also set goals and measure their progress. We have called this guide The Evolved Path. If you would like a copy enter your details and we will email it out to you so you can start to shift your focus and free yourself from the scales.

All the best on your journey
Head Coach
Dylan Fowler

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