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Sep 24

How to measure progress outside the scales

Most people will start a new training program to change their bodies. Whether it be losing weight, they are toning up, improving how their clothes fit, etc. These are great goals which most newbies or people who haven’t achieved the result they want are the results of improvements in the gym, like getting stronger, improving […]

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May 20

How to get strong – A template for female strength

Strength training for women has exploded in recent years with sports like power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, cross fit and most recently StrongWoman competitions having huge increases in female participants. Here’s why. Women for years have been basing their fitness and health routines around improving their aesthetics, To lose weight or look a certain way, To […]

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Aug 26

Personal training secrets to arm training for women

Little baby guns, pull ups, push ups and no more old lady bingo arms are some of the reasons why women should add some dedicated arm training into their training program. so where is the best place to start, what rep ranges and exercises should you be doing and how can you get some super […]

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