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Make Monday’s Matter

Jun 17

Mondays, every single week we are forced to go through it. The weekend was too short and now we have to go back to our jobs, back to alarm clocks and back to the same old routine. But Mondays should be our favourite day of the week! And, here’s why…


How to make Monday matter and shift your mindset for success:

1.Changing your mindset

Shifting your mindset is the secret sauce to achieving anything you want to achieve, whether it is getting 6 pack abs, getting a promotion at work, saving for your dream house, getting the confidence to ask out your dream date or simply just being the best you can be. Shifting your mindset is exactly the same as training your physical body, it takes practice and persistence. The question is do you want to change or do you want to be the same? If you answered to changing then making Monday matter is the best way to start. From the book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – By Dr Joe Dispenza, To make changes in your life you have to become the person you want to be, and believe you already are that person, once you install this belief your mind will shift from thinking to doing and like magic it will conspire to make your thoughts come true. Be aware of this as you are what you think Good or Bad!


How many times have you skipped training on Monday and then only gone back on Wednesday or Thursday missing out on 2-3 days where you can work on your health & fitness. The reason why training on Monday is so important is because when you are committed to your training, commitment to other areas of your life will improve as well. For example, your nutrition, your ability to focus and your mood  will all be greatly improved. Plus, training on a Monday will make you more likely to show up to training for the rest of the week. Missing 1 Monday is not going to break the bank of gains but missing every Monday is 52 missed opportunities a year and potentially 156 if you don’t get back to training till later in the week. Commit to yourself and get to training on Monday!


3.Knock out all the undesirable tasks first

We all have tasks we don’t want to do and we often put them off until we really have to get it done. Avoiding these tasks end up leaving us with a huge pile of tasks we don’t want to do! We put off one, or only do the tasks that we consider ‘easy’ or ‘enjoyable’ and then all of a sudden we are only left with tasks we don’t want to do. This is super unmotivating! Instead of spending time at the start of the week to get things done, we are left stressing about it later and then we’re dumped with it all on the weekend when we should be making the most of our measly two day weekend. Always start with the tasks you know you should do (but don’t want to) and your week can only improve!

4.Meditate, be kind to yourself and be grateful

One other shift in mindset is shifting your mind from I hate Mondays to Mondays are great and this is why I love them. Setting up your Monday morning with a mediation like Brian Burchards Release Tension Set Intentions (Watch the meditation here) can help release any negative energy and set your daily intentions to that of productivity and positivity. Journaling three things you like about yourself and three things you are grateful for in your life is another great addition and completely sets your mind set up for an epic day. Meditation is the great productivity secret of the super successful and its FREE!


5.Stop believing your excuses

Now we can all paint a pretty picture of rainbows and sunshine every day, but in truth life can be tough and if we want to change there is always going to be a challenge. We have all fallen into the trap of believing our own excuses and hold ourselves back from truely reaching our full potential. Make Monday an excuse free day, do the hard stuff first get to training, create a positive and happy mind set and leave behind the excuses that have tied you to your current state of being.


Mondays are epic, they are your first opportunity to be amazing and if you don’t think amazing is for you then you need to be kinder to yourself. The world needs everyone at their very best on Monday and you deserve it! Use Monday to work towards your goals, set your week up and shift your mindset for success. Then, come the weekend, we can all be slightly better than we were at the start of the week and enjoy a well-earned rest after a super productive and positive week. Mondays matter, make yours matter even more!

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