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Slowing down in a fast paced world – By Emily Watson

Jun 14

Slowing down in a fast paced world By Emily Watson

We live busy lives. It’s a simple statement but true. And the busyness doesn’t seem to be going away. So how can we still ‘get shit done’ without feeling frazzled and overwhelmed? The truth is, many of us are rushing from one thing to the next but not taking the time to enjoy the ‘mundane’ everyday activities. Slowing down doesn’t mean that you have to be less productive. It just means that you are present with one thing at a time. Make every moment an occasion: I think it’s funny that people are quite happy to pay a lot of money to get pampered by someone else but won’t take the time to fuss over themselves. Some women will get facials and pedicures where the beautician will spend hours pampering them. They’ll gently dab a warm cloth over your face, delicately massage a highly-scented lotion around your eyes and once they’ve done they will then take it all off again, only to then reapply something else in the same fashion. And all of this will take place whilst relaxing music is playing in the background. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to be pampered!

But if we’re happy to spend the time and money for someone else to do it, why do we get home, chuck our clothes on the ground, throw ourselves in the shower and hastily scrub our bodies like a frantic express clean of your apartment before friends or family visit?

How to make every moment an occasion:

1. When you eat food Never eat a meal unless you feel relaxed and comfortable. This means that if I get home from the gym, despite how hungry I am, I will always have a shower and put on comfortable clothes. Secondly, eat your meal as if you’re on a date. Put your phone away and eat your food slowly, savouring every bite.

2. When you have a shower Treat your shower as though it is a day spa. I have this body wash that literally smells like coconut macaroons. You guessed it, I lather that stuff over my body so slowly and deliberately, taking the time to soak up every scent. Then, when it comes to washing your hair, massage you scalp as though you’re at the hairdressers trying to make the most of your $100 haircut. 3. When you go grocery shopping Despite how tempting it is to carry all your groceries from the car to your kitchen in one go, I often find that it just ends up making you feel agitated. Nothing is enjoyable when everything becomes difficult. You’ve got thick red marks from the weight of the shopping bags on your forearm, you’re struggling to put your keys in the door and then you’ve got to walk through your doorway sideways, trying to fit your body plus your mountain of shopping bags! You might think that you’re saving time by making one trip, but in reality you’re just slowing down the process because you can’t move efficiently when you have led weights for arms.

4. When you drink your coffee I understand that sometimes you’re in such a rush that you just need your caffeine fix to go. But if you make the time to wake up earlier, you might find that you’ve got enough time spare to enjoy you hot brew outside. If you have a balcony or a window that looks outdoors it can be really refreshing to just sit and prepare your body for the day. Sometimes I even put my coffee in a travel mug so that I can stop off at Kangaroo Point for a few minutes to soak up some sun and fresh air before work. Sunlight and fresh air can make a world of difference to your day!

5. When you talk on the phone Don’t scroll through Facebook and Instagram or cook dinner when you’re on the phone! Trust me, I’ve done it and I got in so much shit from my sister. At the end of the day, what do you value you more? Keeping up to date on your Insta feed or interacting and spending quality time with your family and friends? The truth is, we all say that we value family above everything. But the best way to measure what you truly value is by seeing where you devote most of your time. Instagram won’t be there for you when your life falls to pieces, but I can guarantee you your family will be! Life’s busy, I get it! But we shouldn’t spend our time dashing from one thing to the next. Take time for yourself and cherish every little moment in your life.

Disclaimer: If you have kids you can completely disregard all of this! You might just need to work on going to the bathroom in privacy first.

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